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Multi-period Spectaculars

Historical Promotions and Event Management produces award winning multi-period events for local authorities, museums, historic properties and other clients within the cultural heritage, tourism and leisure market. Covering an extensive range of periods from Neolithic (Stone Age) through to World War II and sometimes later periods at our clients request, we can provide period encampments, demonstrations, cameos, living history, cooking, historical music and dance, traders markets, comedy, children’s activities, battle re-enactments and equestrian events, arena displays and demonstrations that are linked chronologically for visitor experience and enjoyment.

Multi-period events can be undertaken on various scales from small events at museums and schools to provide a representation of historical periods to larger festivals involving thousands of participants for historic properties, local authorities, show organisers and other clients. All events can include motorised historical vehicles such as armoured cars and tanks, to aircraft displays and waterborne activities depending on venue type, location and space, client’s aims and objectives, and budget available.

Our award winning multi-period events are tailored towards children and family audiences, and can include opportunities for members of the public to have a go at certain activities and with make and take home workshops for children. The events are also extremely educational and have the advantage of covering most areas covered by the requirements contained within the various Key Stages of the National Curriculum for History.

Multi-period events offer a tremendous amount of variety, action and excitement for event programmes and we specialise in providing the very best historical demonstrations, displays, and entertainment.

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For our extremely popular award winning multi-period events, which can be tailored to suit your venue and budget, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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