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Battles and Military Displays

Battles, sieges and skirmishes are one of the most popular and distinctive forms of historical entertainment, which immediately engages with members of the public for event programmes. These events can range in size from large panoramic battles with hundreds and sometimes thousands of people, to smaller more personalised events involving dozens of participants for a period skirmish.


Battles require significant space and landscape consideration with the location of period encampments and movement of troops, cavalry and artillery to set the scene for an accurate portrayal of a past conflict. Historical Promotions organises period battles from the Dark Ages through to World War II, which involves ‘master planning’ for event programmes with planning and direction of participants, motorised military vehicles, maritime craft and even air power.

Battle re-enactments should also be diverse, imaginative and informative to include programmes within the timetable for other interesting historical themes, such as ‘Fashion Through the Ages’, ‘Cavalry Through the Ages’ and ‘Artillery Thorough the Ages’ programmes. In addition, we can specifically design packages and timetables to suit the location of the site, it's history and archaeology and our client’s requirements for these spectacular events.

In considering staging these popular events, we should also be consulted on audience viewing, event planning and management, health and safety, scripting and direction, event logistics and infrastructure requirements. Alternatively, we can organise the whole event from conception through to completion as desired.


Sieges for historical sites such as stately homes, castles and fortifications are an exciting alternative to large panoramic battles, but can be combined with battles and skirmishes to make an exciting event programme. The history of a historic site can be researched by Historical Promotions to provide an actual representation of a past conflict to bring the site alive both internally with sensitive historical interpretation and externally with a diverse event programme. Alternatively, we can also provide an authentic representation of what life would have been like during a particular period of history.

Historical Promotions is also able to advise, build and undertake works to erect temporary fortifications, bulwarks, batteries and siege structures, if required for event programmes.

Siege structures and temporary fortifications provide an additional element of excitement for both members of the public and participants, as they create a sense of realism and visual appeal for event programmes. Sieges will also have encampments and time tabled event programmes.

Skirmishes and Small Military Displays

Skirmishes, military and other combat displays are typically smaller events sometimes using cavalry and artillery, but offer similar excitement and enjoyment and can be undertaken in more compact areas for public viewing. These events can often form a precursor to a larger battle, siege, multi-period event and living history demonstration, but are also useful for gauging public appeal for larger events. Skirmishes can be undertaken from Classical Ancient Greece, Iron Age and Romano-British periods through to World War II or even to the present day. Skirmishes and small military displays consist of demonstrating period drill, battle tactics and weapons handling with perhaps more opportunities for members of the public to talk to re-enactors and interpreters about the period.

Skirmishes, military and combat displays are essentially a scaled down version of a larger event, but still require the professional planning and management to ensure public enjoyment and visitor appeal. They are less costly and require fewer resources than their larger counterparts and appeal to museums, schools, smaller historic venues, corporate clients, decision makers and budget holders with limited budgets.

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