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Historical Promotions Historical Promotions offers our clients a range of historical aircraft types that represent the beginnings, summit and end of piston-powered aviation that are from the First to Second World War period. We can offer up to 50 classic piston engined fighters and bomber aircraft, which illustrate the advances made in aeronautical design and air power brought about by conflict. These are available as either static displays or we can organises stand alone air shows and aerial combat displays for event programmes covering World War I and World War II periods. Subject to availability, we can also arrange for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight to undertake fly pasts and circuit displays for event programmes for our clients.

In addition to military aircraft displays, we can also offer event organisers a rare and fascinating range of converted military and commercial aircraft from the 1930’s to 1950’s. We can also arrange flights to events throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, through charter and corporate bookings, giving guests a privileged aerial view of the world from the comfort of a classic flying machine.

For events, all aircraft can perform solo displays lasting between 6 – 15 minutes, with various aerobatic elements. Alternatively, special displays and combat flights combing two or more aircraft can be arranged. All the routines outlined can be tailored to meet the events needs and particular requirements of our clients. Show organisers who elect to book one of these displays, can always utilise participating aircraft in solo slots as well. In this way maximum flying is achieved for little extra cost.

Historical Promotions is able to provide cost effective thrilling displays and a range of fascinating classic aircraft for event programmes.

We can also supplement the aircraft with period ground and air crews, military police, airfield defence personnel and equipment to include period tanks, armoured personnel carriers and other motorised vehicles, gun and aircraft batteries of the period. We also organise WWII Home Front interpreters to include home guard, land army girls and a host of civilian personnel for event programmes.

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The aircraft, interpreters and equipment have also been used in various film and television productions and can be booked through our sister company Heritage Film Services.

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To find about more about what we could offer your air show, World War I or World War II event, please contact us to discuss your plans.

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