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Historical Markets and Fayres

The development of urbanisation in Britain is linked through the origins and development of trade, commerce and exchange in our villages, towns and cities since the Dark Ages. Historical markets and fayres illustrate the development of these economic centres of activity, but they were also the focus for social events, customs, traditions and had pleasure and amusement elements woven into their fabric.

Historical Promotions and Event Management organises exciting and colourful historical markets and fayres of all periods for our clients, which include Roman, Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean, 17th Century or English Civil War, Georgian, Regency, Dickensian and Victorian periods. Other periods include Viking and 1940’s Home Front events.

The events comprise traders and artisans providing demonstrations on a number of trades and crafts of most periods, such events often include fletching, calligraphy, blacksmithing, cobbling, woodturning, cordwaining, scribe, moneyer, pewter casting, silver smithing, potter, horn working, candle making, dying, barber surgeon, etc. The fayre and market provide a focal point where traditionally people would congregate to buy various items and services.

Throughout the event various foot tournaments and drill, living history encampments, period displays, cameos, demonstrations and various themed based entertainment can be undertaken to enhance the market and fayre and to provide a programme of entertainment for the event.

For our Medieval Markets and Fayres, we often provide a full competitive Medieval tournament with knights, skill at arms, arming and dressing the period knight, possible archery displays, period cooking and food preparation to entertain and inform members of the public. For the event, a comprehensive programme of entertainment can also include historical musicians, juggling, dancing, story telling, travelling players, puppets, children’s games and other activities and entertainment.

The programme of events will also provide a unique atmosphere with lots of opportunities for members of the public to handle materials, tools and weapons of each period within a safe supervised environment. Members of the public will also be able to try on clothes, helmets and other items and have a hands-on day, which is extremely popular and educational for both adults and children. Children find the periods particularly relevant, as these tie in with Key Stage II (Juniors and Primary) and Key Stage III (Secondary) programmes of study for History in the National Curriculum and also generates interest in Local Study Units.

These events can be staged on hard standing (pavements, tarmac and other hard surfaces), inside historic buildings or suitable venues and on Greenfield (historic properties, parks, gardens, green spaces, etc) sites and can be combined with any other historical event type.

Re-enactors Traders Markets

We can also organise historical traders markets specifically designed for re-enactors and traders to attend. These types of events are provided, where our clients wish to combine public and dedicated industry type markets at either historic or non-historic venues.

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